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LoveGAA.ie internet dating site launched

28 Sep

Donegal designer, Dermot Lawless, has launched an internet dating website for GAA fans, LoveGAA.ie.

Lawless, owner of  Aurora Web Design, came up with the idea for LoveGAA.ie (which is also available at LoveGAA.com) when he saw a commerical for a dating website during a Donegal versus Clare All-Ireland Football Championship match in July.

The site will help members meet potential partners who share their love of Gaelic Games.

In his view, dating websites in general are too complicated and he believes that the criteria for finding the right person misses the point.

“The ad said that they could find a partner based on 29 levels of compatibility, but I thought there really is only one level of compatibility – whether your partner likes GAA games or not,” said Lawless.

“You know you’ve met your soul mate when they stand alongside you in the rain at a club match, or shout at the TV, just as loud as you do.”

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