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2,700 ‘ghost estates’ across country

4 Oct

Last day at InsideIreland.ie

An official audit has revealed that there are approximately 2,700 “ghost esates”, roughly 100,000 homes, around the country.

The number of unfinished housing estates is over four times the Government’s original estimate of 621, according to reports in the Irish Independent.

There are unfinished ‘ghost estates’ across the country which are vacant, or lacking adequate facilities.

A survey by the Department of the Environment of 63 unfinished estates in Laois showed 20% of the homes were without adequate water, sewage and road access, while 25% had serious health and safety issues including open sewers and water contamination.

30% of the completed estates lie vacant, while construction has not began on about 40% of units. It is believed that the figures from Laois reflect ghost estates across the Republic.

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