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REVIEW: Tokyo Story

6 Feb

Published in QUB Newspaper The Gown.

I’m really not sure about this review, because extremely wise people talk about this film like it’s Shakespeare. So this review is probably a result of my lack of understanding or openness and no small amount of immaturity. I’m not particularly proud of it now. (14/5/2011)

Tokyo Story follows an elderly couple who visit their grown children in Tokyo. Their children have little time for them, as they are busy with work, or their own children. The children pay for their parents to stay at a spa at Atami. Yet, they find this place too noisy and decide it is for the younger generation. Feeling that they are a burden, they make their excuses and go home.

I felt the film depicted a transitional period in Japan. The traditional emphasis on family values and respect are fading while modern Japan is coming into focus, the hyper-competitive, capitalist Japan that we see today. This is shown through the lack of respect the children show their parents and the contrast of the elderly couple’s rural home with the growing industry of Tokyo.

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