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FEATURE: Would an independent Scotland spell the end of the Union?

27 Jan

On Monday, people around the world celebrated Burns Night. The 25th of January was also to be the date the SNP released the bill that they hoped would be a first step towards an independent Scotland. What would this mean for Northern Ireland?

Published in QUB Newspaper The Gown

On Monday night Queen’s celebrated its sixth annual Burns Night. The tradition marks the birthday of Robert (Rabbie) Burns, Scotland’s national poet and author of the world famous ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  This year’s guest speaker, Professor Leith Davis, of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver spoke about the worldwide appeal of Robert Burns and how he is appropriated by various cultures for various reasons.

Burns Night has been growing in popularity for many years. Last year, Robert Burns was voted ‘Greatest Scot of all time’ by STV. The poet managed to beat strong contenders such as David Hume and William Wallace.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) had hoped to attract some of this popularity to its cause, the fight for Scottish independence. Burns Night 2010 was to be the day that the SNP published their controversial Referendum Bill. Yet, it is now suspected that the bill will not be published until late February.

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