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Bradford-on-Avon Arts Festival

17 Sep

Another Flash Fiction contest, small stuff but have to start somewhere.

This one was to write a 50 word story involving the River Avon.  Here’s my entry;

Why I’m Not Speaking
After four silent days, the little girl wrote;
“They’ve stolen my voice.”
Her notes led me to Town Bridge.
Arriving, I saw sky blue eggs floating downstream.
A hunched hooded figure stared at me from the riverbank.
He dropped something round and white into the river.
My throat felt funny.

So, I won this one, winning £50 and coming out on top against 60 other people.

The story got published in Musera Magazine and I also got a mention in The Wiltshire Times.

On top of that they put my name up in the local library, so my name is in the library of an small, obscure town in England, which I will never visit.